The Keele Law Society is imperative for Keele students, giving them a network and support system over the course of their degree. We are proud to be the largest society at Keele, boasting many events and opportunities for our members throughout the year.

Over the course of the coming year, there are many things we would like to achieve for the Law Society. The main aim is to further increase participation within the society and the events that we hold. Ensuring that the society is recognisable to all, giving students a sense of community and familiar faces throughout their degree. This is detrimental to our success as a society. Our committee is full of international and diverse students this year, and with this we will be putting our best efforts into increasing support and engagement for international students.

We will be working very closely with the Law School and the Careers Hub at Keele to ensure we are producing the best for our members. Alongside this, we will also be working with other societies to expand our reach and engage with other communities in the university.

We endeavour to reduce the price of our main legal events, through sponsorship and fundraising, making the events more accessible to everyone. I also strive to give the students more direction for their career paths, offering mentoring sessions, so they leave university with a better idea of where they are headed. 

We are a society that provides both educational and social events throughout the year. A place for law students to connect and form friendships. A community that strives to perform for its members.