President, Charlotte Jones


Hi, I’m Charlotte, President of the Law Society, and 3rdyear law student. I am an ex ballet dancer, who has spent the past six years working in law firms, both in London and Dubai. I have returned to university in order to qualify as a solicitor and am making the most of my time at university.

As President, my main aim is to increase the participation within our society through strong marketing and making our committee recognisable to all. I am personally offering mentoring sessions to students who would like someone to chat to about their career options. I will be working closely with the Law School to ensure we are bringing the best opportunities to our students and I am looking forward to the next year, working with a great committee to make our society even more successful!

Vice President, Jade Wanden


Hi! I’m Jade the Vice President for Keele Law Society 2019/2020. My role will consist heavily of supporting this year’s President in heading up the team. While working hard to give as many educational and networking opportunities to students, which will include the organising of the Legal Dining event. 

Outside of law my other passion is for Sport. As Deputy President of the Athletics Union and as Vice President of the law society I have a lot of opportunity and responsibility in the coming year to ensure equal opportunities and prospects for a large demographic of students. I look forward to a busy year of Law, Sport and working towards my career. 

Secretary, Margot Charvetto


Hi, I’m Margot, I’m originally from Gibraltar & I’ve come to the UK to complete my law degree here at Keele University. I’m currently a paralegal at Water Plus (Ltd), as well as being part of the HR department as a supervisor at Primark Hanley. For the academic year of 18/19 I was society Treasurer and now for the academic year of 19/20 I’ll be the society’s Secretary.

I naturally hope to achieve a few key goals together with the other committee members, especially with focusing on more engagement with students within the society on a consistent and high level. It’s important to create a society where students can turn to one another for support and guidance, but as well as a way to make University life fun and enjoyable through the student Law Society. 

Treasurer, Naomi Verghese


My name is Naomi and I am a 3rd year Law student. My role as the treasurer is to primarily manage the law societies budget and to take note of all the income and expenditure. My responsibility lies with working out the costs to be incurred for events, membership fees, etc. 

During this year I plan to try and minimize any unnecessary expenditures with the aim of making events more affordable and more accessible to a wider range of students.

I intend to make the accounts completely transparent by releasing termly budget updates and promote overall progress for the society.  

Marketing, Mark O'Connor



My name is Mark and I am a 2nd year student currently studying LLB law. I come from the Isle of Man, where I hope in the future to practice as an advocate. I've been fortunate enough to complete an Internship with the Attorney General Chambers and other law firms on and off island.  My responsibility is ensuring that the law society communicates effectively with it members and to external organisations.  

When I’m not studying for my degree, (which doing law is rare), I ski with Keele University Snow-sports and work at the Student Union as a technician programming and operating lighting shows. 

Barristers Event Co-Ordinator, TBC



Solicitor Event Co-Ordinator, Rianna Prince


I am a third-year law student, aiming to qualify as a solicitor. I aspire to work for a commercial law firm and am interested in specialising in commercial property. I am the educational event coordinator for solicitors within the Law Society and the Law school’s BPP representative. Within my roles I aim to organise events that will promote awareness, inclusivity and begin to develop the skills necessary for students to advance in the legal world. However, my main aim is to just help fellow law students wherever and however I can.

Social Events, Yvette Mwesigye


My name is Yvette Mwesigye. I’m a 20 year old international student from Uganda studying Law at Keele University. I’m the current Social Events Coordinator for the Keele Law Society. My aim for the society this year is to expose the society as much as possible to the law students and Keele so that they are aware of the various opportunities at their disposal. 

Welfare/Diversity Officer, Ruth Arhin


My name is Ruth, I'm a 3rd year international student  from Ghana and I'm  the Law Society's welfare and diversity officer . My goal is to make the Law Society more people focused in terms of inclusivity, celebrating diversity and creating solutions to the problems that affect our members.